Strategy, evolution, communications and brand


  • Pascal Chancerel

    Former Director, Business Consulting, Sofrecom

    I managed Peter on 2 consulting assignments for Sofrecom's clients. As a strategist and marketing&sales specialist, Peter proved to be an invaluable asset to both our project teams. His ability to mix high-level strategy and concepts to straight-to-the-point tactical responses highly contributed to our team’s success. I personally appreciated working with Peter. He is a reliable result-driven professional and a pleasant colleague. 

  • Anthony Keyworth

    Former Director, Business-to-Business Strategy, Planning and Products, Everything Everywhere

    I have worked with Peter in various capacities through our time in Orange and France Telecom.

    He is an outstanding strategist who takes his team on the full journey to realisation and onto change planning. His thought provoking presentations are legendary and based on an incredible depth of knowledge and profound thinking.

    Always a pleasure to work with, Peter makes a difference wherever he is.

  • Dame Diana Brittan

    Former Chair, The Connection at St. Martin's

    As trustee and strategic advisor to the charity, Peter urged us to produce a relevant and measurable strategic plan for the future in the face of constant political and funding change.  

    He has guided the Chief Executive of the Connection at St. Martin's with great skill and knowledge, with the result we now have a first rate strategic plan welcomed  by trustees and staff alike.

  • Robert Ainger

    Former Director of Corporate Marketing, Orange UK

    I was fortunate enough to work with Peter on and off over many years when he was at Orange.

    Peter is an excellent strategist and a deep thinker about business and the wider world in which we live. He is a pleasure to work with and brings fantastic energy, enthusiasm and personal commitment to all of the projects in which he is engaged.

  • Dame Diana Brittan

    Former Chair, Independent Age

    Peter's task was to help the Senior Management Team of Independent Age refine and refocus an existing stragegic plan so that they could present to the trustees a credible and workable plan for a charity undergoing enormous change. 

    For the first time we have a forward looking strategic plan with credible KPIs and that we have it is very largely to do with his timely advice, tact and expertise.

  • Yemi Lawal

    Former Head of Planning, Business-to-Business, Everything Everywhere

    I worked with Peter on a Strategic project - one of those where you start with a blank sheet of paper, but with many stakeholders with diverse ideas.

    The output was remarkable. Peter brought clarity of thinking with his unique ability to cut-through huge amounts of data and views to deliver a strategic response.

    Peter is an excellent stakeholder manager - effectively working with individuals and teams from different backgrounds - recognising the strengths of each individual and playing to those strengths. He was an inspiration to work with.