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About Peter W.Brown

Peter Brown is Founder and Director of FischerBrown, an international strategist, strategic marketing and communications professional with over two decades of experience working in and consulting to the strategy and marketing functions of leading multinational companies.

After an early career as a brand manager in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, Peter worked as a senior strategic marketing consultant at KPMG Europe, advising clients across diverse sectors throughout Europe. He was a specialist advisor on the impact of the Euro on strategy and marketing functions of multinational companies in Europe. Peter subsequently held positions as Ambassador of Strategic Branding, Ambassador of Strategy and Director of Strategy at France Telecom Orange, working throughout the France Telecom Orange footprint, especially in the UK, France, Central and Eastern Europe and the Near East.

Peter was a member of the Orange strategic think tank at the heart of the Orange Group, focusing on issues of brand and customer marketing strategy, as well as advising on Human Resource Strategy. He was editor of the Orange Group Strategic Plan. As Director of Strategy for Orange Business Solutions, he specialised in business-to-business strategy and strategic marketing for both mobile and convergent business solutions throughout Europe.
Peter brings to his work not only a passion for strategy, organisational change, brands and communications, but also his wide ranging interests in politics, history, social affairs, theatre, music and literature. An Anglo-German and cosmopolitan, he holds degrees in both Languages and Literature and in International Relations from Cambridge,  his academic interests including politics of Europe and the Middle East, Conflict Studies, and the role of environmental politics. He is a member of the Medinge Group advocating Brands with a Conscience, and a contributing author to its 2016 book "Brands With a Conscience". He has a particular interest in issues of displacement and refuge, and he volunteers for the UK Refugee Council Children's Section, having served as a Board member and trustee for The Connection at St. Martin's, London's leading homelessness charity.

In addition to his consulting work, Peter is also Board Member and Head of Strategy and Development for Eat Club, a London-based social enterprise aiming to improve food preparation and consumption among young people.

Peter is a singer, a member of a leading London vocal ensemble, and holder of a Licenciate Diploma from Trinity College London, and an actor in leading amateur theatre companies in London.
For more information about Peter, please visit his personal blog.