Strategy, evolution, communications and brand

Example projects

Strategy development at Colt

March 2015

Peter acted as strategic consultant at Colt Technology Services (fibre broadband, datacentre and Cloud services), advising EVP Strategy. He advised on re-articulating and then re-developing Colt’s 5-year strategy at corporate level and per line of business: a 6 month project, including analysis of all lines of business, customer and competitor workshopping, brand research and analysis of scenarios, culminating in a board workshop to discuss future options and agree optimal way forward 

Strategic evaluation project for a leading telco in Georgia

November 2015

Peter acted as a consultant to Sofrecom (consulting division of Orange) on a project to conduct a strategic evaluation for a major client in Georgia. The project concluded with an evaluation of multiple future strategic approaches and a recommendation of an optimal medium and long-term approach for the client

Business Consulting to IT Strategy project, leading telco in Georgia

August 2016

Following the strategy evaluation project, Peter was business consultant for the Sofrecom IT strategy project for the client in Georgia, helping to define departmental and user strategic needs for the proposed new IT strategy and ensuring consistency with the corporate strategy

Vision and strategy for NAK, Tehran

April 2014

Peter acted as a consultant to Sofrecom (consulting division of Orange) on a project to define the vision and strategy for NAK, the Managed Services subsidiary of MCI, the Mobile Company of Iran. This project recommended to the executive of NAK and the board of NAK (composed of senior executives at MCI) the optimal vision, strategy, priorities, projects and KPIs for NAK for 5 years, with a proposed implementation programme

Implementation Planning for NAK, Tehran

July 2014

Following the successful completion of the strategy project at NAK, Peter conducted an analysis, assessment and revision of the full implementation plans for all new strategic projects at NAK  

Digital business design for leading Pharmaceutical client, DigitasLBi

December 2013

Working for DigitasLBi on one of their leading clients, Peter led the business design workstream for a leading pharmaceutical client, to design the organisation to support a new digital strategy proposed to the client